PAVLVS The Shipwreck 60A.D

PAVLVS The Shipwreck 60 A.D.
(Allied Publications – 2009)

This book, narrating the discovery of an ancient lead anchor stock embossed with the names of Egyptian gods in the seabed off Salina Bay, is also the story of the search for the real site of St Paul’s shipwreck in Malta. In the process the author surprises us with a novelistic but accurate account of the storm, shipwreck and landing of St Paul in Malta, as set out in chapters 27 and 28 of the Acts of the Apostles.

Paul Guillaumier
Biblical scholar

On a Sunday morning in the spring of 2005 while scuba diving some 600 metres offshore a Maltese scuba diver made a stunning discovery. At a depth of 36 metres he discovered an ancient ship’s anchor which is 2000 years old.

This anchor is unique because of the inscriptions ISIS ~ SARAPI embossed on it. These Egyptian gods date the anchor anywhere between the Roman and Egyptian eras. But further study reveals more underwater artefacts discovered in the same site and which could all be pointing to a famous shipwreck in 60 A.D.

Tradition has it that Apostle Paul and 275 other men were shipwrecked in the vicinity of where the anchor was discovered and this is well documented in the Acts of the Apostles.

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